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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Two Gators Killed

North Carolina officials killed two small alligators found in the northwest part of the state, where native populations are unknown. They did this in spite of arguments made by a wildlife rehabilitator that he could find a home for one. The NC officials' arguments were 1) the animals couldn't be released into the wild due to possibility of disease or because they may have been "domesticated," 2) the "normal" alligator rescues were full, and 3) they didn't want people to think that releasing exotic animals into the wild would result in their rescue and future care.

Of course, a) there are several alligator rescues, not all of which are "full," and are still accepting rescues or can locate a home for crocodilians, b) when an exotic is released into the wild, the exotic is a victim, not a perpetrator, and if a legal home can be located in a reasonable amount of time, it is irresponsible for the officials to destroy the animals to "make a point," particularly one that isn't very logical.

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