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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wisconsin Scorpion

A scorpion was allegedly discovered under a board on a Deerfield, WI, farm. It was taken to a local animal shelter. "Authorities speculated it might be an escaped pet." No description is given, no photo is shown. Of the man who found it: "He knew it was a scorpion, but only realized it was one of the poisonous varieties when researching it on the Internet Friday night." Not sure what that means. (All scorpions are venomous to varying degrees.) I suspect this means the animal is very small -- some small scorpions being much more dangerous than the larger common pet species. If it is small, then I'm wondering if it might be a native pseudoscorpion that is being misidentified. I don't think Wisconsin has native scorpions. (Vaejovis might be the closest in range?) Hopefully someone will show it to a professional... (News source.)

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