Reptiles and Amphibians Introduced into North America

This project was started many years ago, when we considered it as a possible subject for a print publication. Due to time constraints and other projects, we've put it off and may or may not return to it. The Bibliography is the only function part of this at present. The most recent citations on this subject are not included, but will be added as time permits.

Part I. What is an introduction?

Quick summary: An introduction is the accidental or intentional release of a species into a new geographic location, usually significantly distinct from the original biogeographic range, which results in a succesfully established and breeding population.

Part II. Why are introductions significant?

Quick summary: Introductions can result in detrimental ecological pressures (competition for resources, predation, novel diseases, etc.) which can significantly suppress or exterminate populations of native species. Introductions of a species into a related species' range can result in genetic pollution.

Part III. Species involved in introductions

Part IV. Voucher List

Part V. Bibliography

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