Philatelic Crocodilians

These are from a collection I put together several years ago. Several countries used crocodilians in their country's crests (Jamaica, Basutoland), while certain definitive series (Labuan, North Borneo, Basutoland) used crocodiles to great effect. The more interesting stamps are from decades ago. The modern stamps are primarily commemorative, often picturing crocs within endangered species sets. A few show coins, toys, or tribal art with crocodilian features.

Classic Crocodile Stamps (i.e. my personal favorites):

General Crocodile Stamps:

The postcards shown are all "classic," from about 50 years or so ago. The covers shown are relatively common and not too inexpensive, but interesting from a philatelic perspective. Occasionally, crocodilians will be incorporated into postmarks as special cancellations, but we also can collect postmarks from Alligator, Mississippi. [I have seen one cover with a postmark from Gharial, India.]

Postcards & Covers:

Cinderellas are stamp-like items which have no postal usage whatsoever. Their value depends upon their purpose and age, for the most part.