Human relationships with snakes

There are a number of different areas in which humans interact with snakes, some positive and others negative. Snakes are one of the fundamental ethnozoological entities, and we interpret our relationship with serpents differently depending upon culture, environment, and personal experience. This section will delve into different areas in which we relate to snakes and how we express those relationships.

Medical Issues:

Snakes in Art (See Herp Art)

Snake Repellants:

  • Dr. T's Snake-A-Way - This is the only commercial snake repellant that I've run across. I have never tried it, but the information at this site states that it has undergone tests by a zoologist at the University of Florida, Dr. Harvey Lillywhite. If anyone tries this stuff, let me know how it works.
  • SnakeGuard - this is a snake trap. I've not seen it in use, so don't know how effective it is.
  • Snake Control - Adventures of a Central Florida snake removal specialist

Snakes in Myth and Folklore:

Snakes and Music

Snakes in Poetry:

Rattlesnake Flags

Snakes as Food:

Snake Robots

Snake Astronomy:

Snakes and Explorers:

  • Roy Chapman Andrews on Snakes (Not everybody likes them!)