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Asian colubrids with potential for herpetoculture

These are some species not regularly seen in the pet trade for which there appears to be good potential for herpetoculturists, based on dietary requirements. Some of these are imported occasionally, but few people are actually trying to breed them. (A few listed are not actually colubrids, but are part of smaller groups.)

Snakes which include rodents in their diet:

  • Boiga spp. - cat snakes
  • Chrysopelea spp. - flying snakes
  • Dinodon spp. - wolf snakes
  • Gonyosoma oxycephalum - red-tailed green ratsnake
  • Lepturophis borneensis - slender wolf snake
  • Oligodon spp. - kukri snakes
  • Psammophis condanarus - Indo-chinese sand snake
  • Ptyas fuscus - white-bellied rat snake
  • Ptyas korros - Indo-chinese rat snake
  • Ptyas mucosus - common rat snake
  • Rhabdophis chrysargus - speckle-bellied keelback
  • Xenelaphis hexagonotus - Malayan brown snake
  • Xenochrophis piscator - chequered keelback
  • Xenochrophis trianguligera - triangle keelback
  • Xenopeltis unicolor - sunbeam snake
  • Zaocys carinatus - keeled rat snake

Snakes which include fish in their diet:

  • Acrochordus javanicus - elephant's trunk snake
  • Amphiesma spp. - keelbacks
  • Cerberus rhynchops - dog-faced water snake
  • Chersydrus granulatus - file snake
  • Enhydris bocourti - Bocourt's water snake
  • Enhydris enhydris - rainbow water snake
  • Enhydris jagorii - striped water snake
  • Enhydris plumbea - plumbeous water snake
  • Erpeton tentaculatum - tentacled snake
  • Fordonia leucobalia - crab-eating water snake
  • Gerarda prevostiana - Gerard's water snake
  • Homalopsis buccata - puff-faced water snake
  • Rhabdophis nigrocinctus - green keelback

Snakes which include worms in their diet:

  • Calamaria lumbricoidea - variable reed snake
  • Plagiopholis nuchalis - Assamese mountain snake
  • Pseudorabdion longiceps - dwarf reed snake


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